Our mission at Flamingos for Amber is to help people with a debilitating illness or injury, as well as their caregivers, maintain a level of living and life to continue the fight. Aside from monetary contributions, we can best accomplish this with help from volunteers. People need help. Not just with bills, but with encouragement, love, and hope. The small things such as food and snacks, the large things such as transportation, lodging, and everything in between. If you had to be in the hospital for any amount of time, who will take care of your pets? Who will get your mail, mow your yard? Where or how will you eat? Will your family be able to come visit? How can they afford that?


To help families find the answers to those questions, become a Flamingos for Amber volunteer.

Click "Join Us" above and fill out our volunteer checklist, noting any ways you will be available to help out. 


Send your completed forms to: 


Flamingos for Amber

PO Box 1563

Owensboro, KY 42302